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Today is 17 ‘Izzat, 174 B.E. (Sep 24, 2017)

BaháIQ Word of the Day for 17 ‘Izzat, 174 B.E.

Play Qum

Original: قم (Persian)

Place Qum, Iran

Qum is a city in Iran. situated on the banks of the Qum River, it is 97 miles (156 km) by road southwest of Tehran. Qum is considered holy by Shi`a Islam, as it is the site of the shrine of Fatema Mæ'sume, sister of Imam `Ali ibn Musa Rida. The city is the l [...] Read More

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The Bahá'í vocabulary has many Arabic and Persian words that may be unfamiliar to non-native speakers and newcomers to the Bahá'í Faith. This glossary is designed to help Bahá'ís learn to pronounce these words according to the pronunciation guide established and promoted by Shoghí Effendí.

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