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Today is 3 Bahá, 175 B.E. (Mar 23, 2018)

BaháIQ Word of the Day for 3 Bahá, 175 B.E.

Play Alláh-u-Abhá

Original: الله أبهى (Arabic)

God is Most Glorious

Alláh-u-Abhá is a greeting that Bahá'ís use when they meet each other. Abhá is a superlative of the word Bahá', and a form of the Greatest Name.

Bahá'ís are asked to repeat the phrase Alláh-u-Abhá 95 times per day, as described by Bahá'u'lláh, founder of t [...] Read More

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The Bahá'í vocabulary has many Arabic and Persian words that may be unfamiliar to non-native speakers and newcomers to the Bahá'í Faith. This glossary is designed to help Bahá'ís learn to pronounce these words according to the pronunciation guide established and promoted by Shoghí Effendí.

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