Transliteration Guide

Guide to transliteration and pronunciation of the Persian alphabet, together with the numerical value of the letters (Abjad reckoning) Adapted from Marzieh Gail's Bahá'í Glossary

  Letter Arabic Transliteration Pronunciation Abjad
Alef á, a arm, cat 1
Beh ب b b 2
* Pe پ p p
Teh t t 400
Theh th see 500
Jeem ج j John 3
* Če چ ch church
Hah ح h 8
Khah خ kh loch 600
Dal d d 4
Thal dh z 700
Reh r r 200
Zain z z 7
* Že ژ zh pleasure
Seen s so 60
Sheen sh she 300
Sad so 90
Dad z 800
Tah t 9
Zah z 900
Ain ` Silent "uh" 70
Ghain gh get 1000
Feh f f 80
Qaf q get 100
Kaf k k 20
* Kāf ک k k
* Gāf گ g get
Lam L L 30
Meem m m 40
Noon n n 50
Waw v, ú v, oo 6
Heh h h 5
Yeh y, í yes, ee 10
* Ye ى y, í yes, ee
Alef Maksura ' pause 1
* Non-arabic letters (Persian) have no abjad value