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Language of Origin: Farsi (Persian)

كتاب اقدس
The Most Holy Book

The Kitb-i-Aqdas is a central book of the Bah' Faith written by Bah'u'llh in 1873. The work was written in Arabic under the Arabic title al-Kitābu'l-Aqdas, but it is commonly referred to by its Persian title, Kitb-i-Aqdas, which was given to the work by Bah'u'llh himself. Sometimes also referred to as The Aqdas, "the Most Holy Book", "the Mother Book", "the Book of Laws" and occasionally the Book of Aqdas, it discusses the establishment of Bah' administrative institutions, Bah' religious practices, laws of personal status, criminal law, ethical exhortations, social principles, laws and abrogations, and prophecies.

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