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Today is 4 Masá’il, 175 B.E. (Dec 15, 2018)

Language of Origin: Farsi (Persian)

ميرزا عباس
Title: Mírzá `Abbás-i-Núrí

Mírzá `Abbás-i-Núrí, more commonly known as Mírzá Buzurg, was the father of Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith. Mírzá Buzurg was a nobleman from the Persian province of Núr, and worked for a time in the service of Fatḥ-`Alí Sháh. He served as vizier (Minister) to Imám-Virdi Mírzá, the twelfth son of the Persian Qajar King, Fath Ali Shah, who was the Ilkhani' (tribal chief of the clans) of the Qajar tribe. Mírzá Burzurg was later appointed governor of Borujerd and Lorestan.

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