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Today is 4 Masá’il, 175 B.E. (Dec 15, 2018)

Language of Origin: Farsi (Persian)

ملا حسين بش
Title: Bábu'l-Báb

Mullá Husayn-i Bushru'i (1813–1849), titled Jináb-i-Bábu'l-Báb, was a Persian religious figure, and the first Letter of the Living of the Bábí movement. He died at the Battle of Fort Shaykh Tabarsi, on February 2, 1849. His title, Bábu'l-Báb, or 'Gate of the Gate' was bestowed upon him by the Báb.

According to Mulla Husayn, the Shaykhi leader, Sayyid Kazim, instructed his followers to spread out in search of the Qa'im. On Siyyid Kazim's death, Mulla Husayn spent forty days secluded in prayer, after which he traveled to Bushehr and then to Shiraz. There, on the 22nd of May, 1844, he encountered the Báb, who declared to Mulla Husayn that he was the expected Qa'im. Mulla Husayn thus became the first of the Báb's followers.

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